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Important California child support questions answered

Many decisions have to be made when parents decide to divorce. Two of the most important are concerning child custody and child support. There are some concerns California residents have most often about child support. Some of the issues are difficult to understand, so having some clarification is important.

Rules vary from state to state, but California is one state that does not put a cap on child support payment amounts. Support payments are calculated using a payor’s wages and other income. California has a child support calculator to make it easier to figure out that amount. Also, California laws don’t definitely stipulate that child support money be used directly for the children, but the state does have a tool that allows the payor of support to request the payee to track purchases.

Other answers to pertinent questions: a payor’s child support obligation ends when the child turns 18 unless the child is still in high school at the age of 19 or graduating high school. Child support payments are calculated per child. In terms of income used to come to a child support amount — any and all income must be included, however a business deduction may not count toward overall income.  

The legalities regarding child support in California can be confusing. The person in the best position to bring clarification to those complex areas is a lawyer. He or she knows the laws that govern children’s issues and divorce and may be able to help a client to understand the dynamics of child support in a much more clear way.