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How can mediation assist with child custody disputes?

While an individual is undergoing divorce in California, sitting down and talking to their former spouse might be the last thing they want to do. However, agreeing to mediation can actually make the divorce process easier and help both individuals move on with their lives as soon as possible. Mediation is particularly valuable when the parties are debating matters of child custody, which can quickly become contentious.

How can mediation help people resolve matters of child custody?

A mediation session typically involves hiring an attorney with experience in child custody and meditation. The attorney might invite the individuals to sit down together and present their sides of the argument in a calm, civil manner. Throughout the meeting, the attorney will mediate the discussion to ensure that it remains civil. This might make it easier for both people to come to an agreement without turning the case into a lengthy legal battle.

How can people respond to a mediation request?

If an individual’s former spouse requests mediation, they can accept or deny the request. Accepting the request can help them make a good impression in court and show the judge that they were willing to give civil discussion a chance. If they decline the request, the individual might appear disagreeable or argumentative. The fact that they refused to try meditation might later be used against them in court.

How might an attorney assist with child custody issues?

An attorney may be able to help parents resolve their child custody disputes and act in the children’s best interests. The attorney may hold a meditation session that allows both parties to express their thoughts without feeling attacked or blamed. If meditation isn’t an option, the attorney might also be able to represent their client in court.