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Why do so many people file for divorce in January?

For many California residents, January represents the dawn of something new. Not every change made during the new year represents a joyous one. Filing for divorce is often a somber occasion, and the decision to dissolve a marriage may prove unavoidable. Reports show many spouses wait until January to file for divorce, using the new year to serve as the impetus to end a marriage.

January receives the moniker of “divorce month”

The reports showing an increased “January interest” in divorces might not be scientific ones, but data revealing high Google searches for divorce lawyers in January tells a tale. Even if people not planning on immediately divorcing, searching for a lawyer could indicate that they are now seriously considering doing so.

Divorce attorneys may report an increase in calls from potential clients during the first weeks of the new year. A boost in clients and divorce filings do their part to give January its “divorce month” moniker.

Some may wonder why January becomes the month when divorce inquiries spike. Again, the new year represents a time of change. Ending a marriage could undoubtedly fit under the category of changing one’s life. And there are other reasons why January sees an increase in people seeking a divorce.

Timing the divorce

January, of course, follows the holiday season. If a person files for divorce during Christmas, doing so could prove traumatic to children or other family members. Granted, there are times when leaving a marriage without delays seem advisable. Those who feel they could put the divorce off until after the holidays might choose to wait. Divorcing during the holidays could forever tarnish the season with bad memories.

Then again, the holidays may increase the tensions that contribute to a marriage falling apart. The holidays might bring with them stress, responsibilities, and an inability to create space. Problems in a marriage could increase immensely from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve.