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How divorce can affect your health

Many Californians are unaware of the mental and physical strains that a divorce could have on their bodies. Regardless of who wanted the divorce and why, both parties can suffer from health issues during the proceedings.

The stressors of divorce

If you are considering or have decided upon divorce, you may already be feeling the stress. The reasons people divorce are often stressful situations including disagreements about finances, infidelity, lack of communication, growing apart or domestic abuse. It is safe to say that your stress levels were high before your divorce proceedings even began.

The effects of divorce

It is rare that a divorce is a happy one, and this can lead to disagreements and arguments between spouses. One study found that the more a couple disagreed, the higher their risk of mental health issues. These issues include depression, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia and can lead to profound physical issues if not treated.

Spouses who separate prior to divorce

Couples who choose to take a period of separation before making the decision to divorce can face either positive or negative consequences. For some, stepping away from the marital stressors can give each party a chance to contemplate what they appreciate about the marriage. For others, separation can only extend an unpleasant situation, leading to more stress.

How to cope with divorce

In order to minimize the negative health effects of divorce, you can practice some ways to cope with stress. For example, allow others to help whether it is something as simple as listening to you vent. Do not be afraid to feel what you are going through and accept it. Give yourself the time to grieve or allow yourself to feel relief. Your divorce attorney may help you handle all the details of the legal process so that you can focus on moving on.