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Can child support issues negatively affect a home purchase?

When a California resident is thinking about buying a house, he or she should expect that, at some point, a review of his or her credit report will take place. Various issues can negatively affect a credit report, including being behind on child support payments. This acts as a derogatory credit event that can, under certain circumstances, impede the ability to purchase a home.  

Man facing child support problems with 2 former wives

Numerous California fathers have signed or will be signing agreements concerning their financial responsibilities for their children following divorce. A specific child support amount is set in each case, at the court's discretion. Every state has its own guidelines, typically resulting in a court order. A man in another state, who happens to be running for governor, is said to be behind in his payments in two separate post-divorce situations.

No need to go it alone in court when fighting over child support

Divorce-related issues involving children are sometimes complex. Many California parents face their greatest battles when it comes time to sign child support agreements. The court, of course, has a child's best interests in mind when making such decisions; however, if parents don't agree, things can get quite messy.

Factors the court considers when making child support decisions

The more you know ahead of time regarding what to expect during custody proceedings in a divorce, the better able you are to protect your parental rights and your children's best interests. Especially concerning child support, every state has its own guidelines; therefore, it is best to seek clarification of California laws before heading to court. Whether you plan to request child support as a custodial parent or think you might be required to pay, it is easier to be proactive in securing a fair and agreeable outcome if you arm yourself with pertinent information at the start.

Former wife seeking tremendous child support increase

Life changes. For California parents currently engaged in child support agreements, this sometimes means that payments are no longer feasible for a paying parent or that the custodial parent determines a need to request a payment increase. Most parents would consider a 10-fold increase to be high; however, that is exactly what rap star Gucci Mane's ex has requested.

Judge hands down ruling in Deion Sanders child support case

Like many California parents who divorce, NFL superstar Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and his former wife agreed to share custody of their three children as part of their new co-parenting plan. However, certain issues have recently arisen that have complicated matters in the Sanders case. For instance, the judge who is overseeing this particular case recently ordered Sanders to pay more than $10,000 per month in child support.  

Business owner from another state facing child support problems

California parents who are no longer connected through intimate relationships with each other but merely interact as necessary regarding their children often have court decrees that address the terms of their parenting plans. While the court may take parents' opinions into consideration on child custody or child support matters, once it issues a decree, all involved parties must adhere to the court's order, whether they like it or not. If one parent, for instance, refuses to pay child support that the court has ordered, he or she will likely face serious legal problems.  

A man in another state facing serious child support problems

Divorced couples in California, as well as parents who were never married, sometimes face problems regarding finances needed to provide care for their children. In many cases, the court orders child support. When there is an existing court order, both parents are obligated to adhere to the terms unless and until the court modifies the order in some way.  

"Grey's Anatomy" star says child support ruling is unfair

Any California parent who is currently facing financial challenges regarding a former spouse may relate to Jesse Williams' situation. "Grey's Anatomy" fans know Williams as Jackson Avery, M.D., the fictional character he plays on the prime time TV drama. Some of his fans may not know, however, that in real life, Williams is engaged in a contentious child support dispute with his ex-wife.

Police officer facing legal problems re child support issues

Every family situation is unique, which is why the court typically takes several factors into consideration before making decisions regarding child-related issues in divorce. Child support is often a main concern and California has guidelines in place to help the court determine what is appropriate in a given set of circumstances. The court generally aligns its decisions with what it believes is in the best interests of the child or children involved.  


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