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California county providing urgent child support help to parents

Many California parents and others throughout the nation are currently trying to overcome serious financial challenges. For some, a job loss, medical condition or recent divorce has negatively impacted their financial situations. Others may be having trouble making payments for existing child support orders.

Child support dispute between Harvey Weinstein and former wife

In California and beyond, things often get a lot worse before they get better when it comes to divorce. Many spouses must first work through tremendous obstacles and disagreements regarding issues, such as property division, child support or other matters before they can achieve amicable settlements. As for child support, Harvey Weinstein and his former wife are currently battling over a particular matter involving $5 million.

New laws may impact child support if adopted in California

There appears to be rising trend regarding child custody post-divorce. Changes may be prompted by years of lobbying for fathers' rights in California and elsewhere,  namely, to make sure fathers are not being alienated when they desire active roles in sharing physical custody of their children. The new laws favor shared physical custody between parents, which, although admirable in most cases, could in fact cause ripple effects in other areas, such as child support.

Fuller House star Jodie Sweetin engaged in child support battle

When spouses in California who have children together divorce, it can be quite challenging to achieve amicable parenting plan agreements. In particular, matters concerning child custody and child support often cause the most contention between former spouses, especially if they already have trouble getting along. Jodie Sweetin, one of the main stars on popular TV show "Fuller House," has been divorced twice and is currently fighting one of her ex-husbands over a child support issue.

Financial crisis may arise due to spouse's child support issues

Many marriages in California include spouses who were once involved in marital relationships with other people. Many of them have children from their previous unions. Many of them also have been ordered by the court to pay child support.

Life changes and, sometimes, so do child support orders

When a California parent is obligated to pay child support by court order, it is crucial to comply. Nevertheless, once a particular order is issued, it does not necessarily mean it is permanent. There are several circumstances that may arise that would entitle a parent to seek a formal modification of an existing child support order.

Mother of 2 says Miguel Cabrera should pay more child support

One of the highest paid professional baseball players ever, Miguel Cabrera, is entangled in a court battle regarding two of his children. The children and their mother do not live in California, but in a southeastern state. Cabrera, who plays for the MLB Tigers, resides with his wife and three other children. At issue is child support, namely, that Cabrera's former mistress says she is no longer satisfied with $12,000 per month as she believes her children are entitled to more.

Child support payments not necessarily set in stone

Life changes. If you are divorced, you are no doubt well aware of that fact and have likely already navigated some very significant changes in your own life. As a California parent, one of your highest priorities during divorce proceedings may have been keeping the central focus on your children's best interests. You knew you'd probably be paying child support and were quite willing to do so because you love your kids and want what's best for them.

Father runs into legal trouble for paying child support

Even when a California parent does his or her best to adhere to an existing court order following divorce or another family law matter, it is no guarantee that obstacles will never arise. A father in another state can no doubt attest to that fact, as he recently struggled to rectify a problem regarding his child support payments. It seems a documentation error unleashed a series of legal problems.

Woman in another state says child support system is fractured

Not every parental agreement following divorce goes as planned. Some California parents face serious challenges when former spouses refuse to adhere to existing court orders regarding child support, custody or visitation. This can make life very stressful, to say the least.


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