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Child support main issue in Rob Kardashian child custody dispute

Many Hollywood fans in California closely follow any story having to do with Rob Kardashian and his former fiancee, Blac Chyna. The couple had informed the public of their intent to marry in 2016 around the same time they let everyone know they were expecting a baby together. Not long after the big announcements, the couple severed their ties. This led to a court battle that recently concluded with a child support agreement finally being achieved.

California child support guidelines based on objective factors

Long ago, it was assumed that in cases of divorce, mothers would likely be granted custody of their children over fathers. That's no longer presumable in California or anywhere else in the nation although the court has discretion to make subjective determinations as to what would be in a particular child's best interests regarding custody. The guidelines the court follows to make decisions about child support, on the other hand, are much more objective.

Not all trends are good: Unpaid child support problem in Tulare

Many people in California have court orders to receive financial assistance from their former spouses to help provide for their children. However, there appears to be a child support problem in some areas, such as Tulare County. Officials there say at least 25 percent of those ordered to pay child support there have failed to do so.

Key factors in California guidelines for child support

If a California married couple with children divorces, they likely enter proceedings understanding that they will remain connected the rest of their lives because they are parents together. For some, this thought may be oddly comforting; others are not so in tune with the idea. Either way, it helps to be able to communicate amicably, especially where important issues like child support are concerned.

Child support may comprise half a family's income

Many married couples in California who divorce face significant challenges related to finances and children. The court is the ultimate voice of authority when determining whether parents should pay child support, how much such payments should be and when/how they should transpire. Throughout the nation, many families are experiencing great difficulty making ends meet when court-ordered child support remains unpaid.

Former Major League Baseball star in jail on child support issues

Yankees fans in California who followed Major League Baseball in the 80s and 90s are likely familiar with Danny Tartabull. He was reportedly the highest paid player in the American League in 1992. That's the year he signed on for five years in a $27 million agreement. Tartabull was back in the news recently, but not for anything having to do with his superb baseball skills. He was arrested and taken to jail for back child support issues.

California men may want to be aware of this child support case

Many men in California are divorced. Of those, a great number pay child support. However, readers may be hard-pressed to find many men paying court-ordered support for children who are not biologically theirs. However, this is exactly what has happened to a man in another state.

Megachurch preacher ruled in contempt re child support issues

Those who make their livings in religious ministries in California are by no means immune from family law problems similar to those experienced by many others throughout the nation. In fact, a mega-church pastor in another state is currently facing serious child support problems. The court recently held him in contempt regarding the matter.

Even well-intentioned dads sometimes have child support problems

Many people in California can relate to those facing serious financial problems. Some of those navigating troubled money issues happen to be divorced dads ordered to pay child support by a family court. Although stereotypes and rumors abound regarding so-called deadbeat dads who simply have no desire to fulfill their financial obligations to their children, the truth is many fathers (and mothers, for that matter) who remain delinquent in their payments make no more than $10,000 annual net income.

Change in child support law may have some parents worried

California law and those in other states vary when it comes to guidelines and regulations pertaining to child-related issues in divorce. Child support laws in another state are slated for a major change that could cause some parents great concern. The change has to do with key factors the court will consider when making decisions regarding whether parents in given situations will be mandated to pay child support, as well as how much such payments might be.


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